Author:Matea Bešlin / 06. 10. 2020.

Poslovna inteligencija at the virtual edition of Digital Transformation World Series 2020!


The largest digital telco gathering this year goes fully digital series of more than a month of exciting and engaging content that will help you connect, collaborate and co-create more than ever before.

From October 7 to November 12, you can join more than 200 experts and create an agenda designed to work around you – mix and match themes and content formats to design an agenda that works for you.

There are six event themes – Beyond Connectivity, Cloud Native IT & Agility, Autonomous Networks & the Edge, Customer Experience & Trust, AI, Data & Analytics and The Human Factor, also you can choose between seven interactive content formats.

Join us and find out more about our TM Forum Frameworx Certified PI Telco DWH model – we will hold a demo as a part of the Innovation channel within AI, Data and Analytics main TMForum theme and show you the benefits of using the standard industry analytical model in the implementation of DWH or Data Lake!