Prizes and awards

Family Friendly Employer 

The Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth, and Social Policy has awarded Poslovna inteligencija with the “Family Friendly Employer” recognition in the category of medium-sized businesses. Recognition is given to employers with the highest quality solutions for achieving a friendly atmosphere for employees and their families and offer quality employee care programs through their business model as well as innovative solutions that contribute to the work-life balance of employees.

Run Friendly Certificate

We were awarded the first certificate for the RUN Friendly Employer in the world. The certificate is an indicator that we are following the world trends and are dedicated to promoting work-life balance and empowering our employees to achieve their ambitions in the business as well as in the sports arena. Care for healthy habits, active sports life, proper nutrition, and reduced workplace stress are just some of the HR policies we are pursuing, and we also provide various benefits to our employees, such as free days and the possibility of preparing healthy meals.

Certificate Employer Partner

Certificate Employer Partner Is a certification of high-quality human resource management practices and proof that Poslovna inteligencija is at the very top of the market by investing in employees. A certification score of 86% was achieved and the assessment was conducted in five areas: Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, and Employee Relationships. High 94% points have been awarded in the Area of Training and Development reflecting our focus on empowering employees. Certification is an external confirmation that we are in the group of the best companies in Croatia that really care about their employees.

ICT Gold Awards 2018

Data Privacy Manager, Poslovna inteligencija’s solution for effective personal data management, has won the ICT Gold Award for the best and most innovative ICT solution in the GDPR category, implemented by our client Iskon Internet d.d. ICT Gold Award is a recognizable sign of quality awarded for innovative IT solutions in a variety of categories, with a special emphasis on implementation. Data Privacy Manager is a well-established enterprise product that helps organizations throughout the EU to become GDPR compliant.


Poslovna inteligencija - Mamforce lead certifikat

Poslovna inteligencija is one of only two companies with MAMFORCE COMPANY standard in category LEAD. MAMFORCE LEAD  defines companies that have upgraded existing human resource practices in key areas, implemented targeted programs, and already have measurable indicators of measures taken. We are also DADFORCE certified, which is a recognition for supporting working fathers in empowering their parental role. MAMFORCE© is a recognized mark of quality that confirms the competence of the company in the implementation of family- responsible and gender-aware human resources management.

Most inspiring women entrepreneurs of 2016.

Members of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija, Lidija Karaga and Anita Cvetić Oreščanin won the award for the most inspiring women entrepreneurs of 2016, which was awarded by Women in Adria Association, marking the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Poslovna inteligencija is an active member of Women in Adria association that represents the brand for ambitious women, entrepreneurs, corporate women who want to achieve a successful career in any field.


Top 50 women in ICT

50 most influential women in ICT in Croatia were declared at the ICT Gold Award Conference, with the main idea to make public aware about successful women who are making tremendous results in the world of IT technologies. Among those 50 most influential women, members of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija, Anita Cvetić Oreščanin and Lidija Karaga were recognized and awarded with the title. On the occasion of the announcement of the winners the book “50 entrepreneurs who inspire us”, was issued containing stories with the reasons for starting a business and obstacles on the road to success.  We are proud to say that 54% of our employees are women and that we greatly stand out from the average IT companies in Croatia, but also in the world.

IT Biz EXPO – 50UP! 

IT Biz Crunch portal and VIDI publishing house have introduced a selection of interesting local solutions and applications that have real use in the business sector as part of IT Biz Expo conference. Those solutions were presented as a part of the project Who is Who in Croatian IT.

Poslovna inteligencija solution – GDPR Consent Manager is among the 50UP! most interesting business software solutions of Croatian IT companies in the selection of an independent IT Biz Expo jury. The applications were evaluated through a comprehensive validation questionnaire which was developed by experts of the Croatian Information Technology Society for the needs of the publishing house Vidi.

ICT Gold Award 2016.

At the ICT Gold Award 2016. Poslovna inteligencija won the award in categoryBusiness Intelligence „ for a solution “Analytics at the palm of your hand „ for best, most innovative ICT solution which was implemented with our long-standing partner and the largest distribution company in Croatia – ORBICO groupICT Gold Award is a unique form of prize which thoroughly evaluates the technological solution and in particular the actual implementation of solutions for the user and the main objective is to monitor and record the successful technological solutions of advanced IT companies in ten different categories, and allow an expert, but also the general public to learn about the innovative success of our ICT experts.