PBZ Card

PBZ Card is the leading payment card company in Adriatic region, with more than 2 million issued cards. It is the only certified issuer of American Express cards in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, and also issues cards for Master Card and Visa. PBZ Card was created from the merger of PBZ American Express and the payment card division of PBZ, a member of the Banca Intesa Group.

A top priority for PBZ Card was to create an annual, consolidated business plan and monthly forecasts at the group level. Prior to Cognos, the planning process involved 15 people, lasted for 2 1/2 months, and required several iterations. The main targets for the implementation of the new system were to reengineer business processes in the controlling department in a way to enable more focus on analysis rather than data gathering, to reduce the time from data gathering to approved P&L and BS, to implement quality control procedures while gathering data, to overcome the limitations of the spreadsheet as a planning tool, and to eliminate errors due to the manual intervention required in the data consolidation phase

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PBZ Card – Case-study