Social responsibility

Our business success is built on a strong foundation of good relations with employees, the academic community, various interest associations, and the community at large.

We believe that no company can operate isolated from the environment in which it is located; that is why we are actively working on changing and improving our society through participation in associations and academic communities and by sponsoring sports clubs, thus contributing to the development of our community.

As a company-friend of the Association of Information Management Students at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split, we promote the development of information management and the education of young people in this field.

We are one of the most active members of CISEx, through whose work we are constantly working on improvement of the IT industry’s position in Croatia. We are also advocates for the implementation of much-needed changes in the education system and we transfer our knowledge and experience to other companies.

We are proud sponsors of the Cedevita basketball team and we promote the importance of basketball and sports in general.

Our hard work and dedication to changing the society and actively participating in the community do not stop here – we will continue to contribute to and be part of the community.



MAMFORCE and DADFORCE are recognized mark of quality that confirms the competence of the employers in the implementation of family-responsibile and gender-aware human resources management. We are the holder of the MAMFORCE Change and DADFORCE standards in the sector of small and medium-sized companies. The certificates are awarded as part of the EU funded project “The real equality between men and women: harmonization of work and private life.” With a number of responsible policies and benefits for employees, we are trying to achieve the balance and harmonization of private and business obligations and provide the conditions for a smooth career development regardless of parenthood and gender. MAMFORCE and DADFORCE certification process is a powerful tool of change of organizational culture. We support the development of a corporate culture based on inclusion, diversity, openness and trust.



We are a member of the Association of Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx), an association of Croatian software developers who are active in international markets. For years we have been present in foreign markets and are using our membership in the Association to share our experience with those who strive to successfully export services and software products. Membership in the Association enables us to participate in the development of platforms and cooperation models for software exporters, industry promotion, and the development of cooperation programs with various organizations and institutions, making our contribution to general development and prosperity.


We are a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham). AmCham is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization with over 160 members and an accredited affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington and AmChams in Europe (ACE) network. Members are provided the opportunity to expand their business and government contacts, exchange useful information, enhance community goodwill, and use other AmCham services including establishing and maintaining close communication between businesses and the Croatian government and its institutions, organizing a variety of networking activities, publishing a magazine that contains a broad range of expert articles with relevant information for businesses, identifying business obstacles, and making suggestions as to how these problems can be resolved or reduced. 


The Croatian Oracle User Group (HrOUG) is a non-profit organisation, founded in Zagreb in 1995. The Croatian Oracle community’s most significant event is the annual HrOUG conference, which is traditionally held in mid-October and in which we participate in as an active member. The goal of the Croatian Oracle User Group is to share knowledge and experience in the implementation of ORACLE technologies, improving relationships between users and informing end users and relationships between ORACLE partners, improving relationships between users and Oracle, as well as improving the organization of the IT profession and its participants in Croatia and abroad. As a member, we try to connect and improve the business environment of all those who are part of the IT profession and whose professional interests, ambitions, or tasks lie in the field of IT.

Women in Adria

We are active members of the Women in Adria association, representing a brand for ambitious women, entrepreneurs, women in the corporate world, and women who want to achieve a successful career in any field. Women in Adria inspires, informs, and connects businesswomen and provides new information on a daily basis to help them start and manage their own businesses and careers and help them balance their everyday obligations through workshops, mentoring programs, and Lunch & Learn events. The association boasts a daily online magazine noted for being the only media outlet in Croatia whose readership is comprised of nearly 100% high educated women. Our social sensitivity in this area is driven by a real care for our own female employees, who make up a total of 51% of all employees in our company, but also by a desire to position women as capable and skilful employees in any business field.


Croatian AI Association was founded with the intention of making a greater impact on the development of AI in Croatia.  Their common goal is to promote the importance of artificial intelligence, the impact of AI on day-to-day life, and to raise awareness about the possibility of developing human-centred AI based on the implementation of emotionally intelligent solutions.


Glas Poduzetnika (Voice of Entrepreneur) is an association of Small & Medium Business and Employees in Croatia, aimed at making specific proposals for urgent economic measures and reforms addressed to the Government and state institutions, accelerating the economic recovery of the entire society and building healthy foundations for Croatia 2.0!


Academic community

Association of Information Management Students, Faculty of Economics, University of Split

Our company is a friend of the Association of Information Management Students, Faculty of Economics, University of Split. The association was founded to promote the development of information management by organizing and providing guidance to its members for the purpose of achieving the common interests of students attending the Faculty of Economics at the University of Split. In order to accomplish the set objectives, the association serves as a communication bridge between economics students, the University’s administrative body, and other institutions.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is a leading national and regional higher education and research institution with excellent teachers and students, with close links to the economy, it is superbly organized, and internationally renowned. We believe that the IT sector in Croatia can only move forward by stimulating and educating young IT professionals to encourage their growth and development right from the classroom. We collaborate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, whose study programmes and research in the field of electrical engineering, computing, information and communication technologies, along with a foundation in the natural sciences, educates students who will bear the technological and social development of Croatia.


Cedevita Basketball Club

We are proud sponsors of the Cedevita Basketball Club, because we believe that sport is one of the best ambassadors of countries and societies. By sponsoring BC Cedevita, we support a valuable project of empowering the sport of basketball in Croatia, and also help create sporting events that bring together the best athletes, coaches, audience, and sports fans from our region and Europe. The story of the club began in 1991 in the Zagreb suburb of Botinec; from there, this small club from the suburbs grew and won its way from the lowest leagues to the majors. Atlantic Group became the club’s general sponsor in 2005, and the club changed its name to KK Cedevita. Enjoying success after success on the basketball court, Cedevita joined the regional league, won the Krešimir Ćosić Cup, and joined the Euroleague in the 2012/2013 season.


We are proud that we can help the athletes advance in different sports and in this way support the sport’s diversity in society. We are sponsors of the Adriatic Championships at table tennis through donations to the organizer, the Table Tennis Club Pag. The Championship of the Adriatic Islands at table tennis is held for the sixth time in a row, and competitors can participate in eight categories, from veterans, cadets, juniors to beginners who train for less than a year.


We are the Gold sponsor of the Mozgalo competition organized by the e-STUDENT association. Mozgalo is the first and only student competition in Croatia that is based on in-depth analysis of large amounts of data and creating Big Data solutions. e-STUDENT annually organizes dozens of projects involving thousands of students from Croatia and the broader region. Students develop and implement solutions to gain useful knowledge and information from large volumes of structured and unstructured data through the use of different statistical methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques. The aim of cooperation during such competitions is to encourage students to use analytical thinking skills, to predict, and to independently develop creative solutions to real problems with the help of computer science, statistics, econometrics, and mathematics. Poslovna inteligencija provides educational lectures and takes part in the competition and evaluation of projects as a member of the professional judging committee.