[USE CASE] What difference does better planning make?

We are happy to share our success story on how addressing our client’s financial planning pain points contributes to making the world a better place!

Our PI Profitability solution, powered by IBM technology, enables our clients to accelerate planning, forecasting and analysis, while saving time and mitigating errors.

In this particular case, the traits of our solution lead to much more than saving time and making better business decisions. In this case, making quicker and more effective decisions may lead to saving lives.

Here is how we helped one of the world’s renowned non-profit organization, that works to save lives by discovering, developing and delivering medicines for malaria.

Our client manages more than 100 projects every year so there’s a lot of complex cost allocation and when done manually, these allocations are susceptible to errors, and information for stakeholders is often delayed and can be inaccurate.

Basing on IBM technology, Poslovna inteligencija developed PI Profitability solution that complements their ERP system which enables financial management to be more agile, donor reporting is more advanced and potential funding gaps are a lot easier to detect.

This was a change that made all the difference!


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