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In order for you to know how something works, you are bound to understand which components the solution consists of. In this blog we will guide you through all four components of PI Analytics Solution.
Get to know us better and learn more about our achievements, awards and certificates, as well as our technology and solution partners, interesting projects and clients and how to become part of our team!
Implementation of the Group BI system - Addiko Bank AG is an international banking and financial group consisting of a network of banks and leasing companies in five countries: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro. The center of the holding company is located in Klagenfurt, Austria.
Algebra University College is a proud lead partner of the project, named AI-powered Next Generation of VET, and Poslovna inteligencija is one of the project team members. AI4VET4AI project addresses the need for trained workers in the field of AI, by supporting the growth of an AI-skilled workforce in Europe, with a special emphasis on VET teachers and learners.
The Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Raj Kumar Srivastava, who took office in September last year, visited Poslovna inteligencija and the BIRD Incubator for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics yesterday. The reason for his visit was a meeting with the President of the Management Board of Poslovna inteligencija Dražen Oreščanin and the topic of the conversation were potentials of cooperation between India and Croatia in the IT sector.
Data Warehouse provides the basis for quality analysis for available data by deriving accurate information from data. In recent years, banks have accumulated large amounts of data from business and now it is time to turn data into money, and we can help you in that process.
Experience a unique combination of sailing and Big Data learning retreat – organized by BIRD Academy and Business Sailing Experience Agency!
From May 19th till May 26th , we are taking you to a seven-day event on sailing boats organized by BIRD Academy and Business Sailing Experience Agency!
Poslovna inteligencija started a new program of selection, preparation and recruitment of young talents - BIRD Academy 2016.
Budgeting and forecasting have become an important and inevitable part of leadership tools. Budgets for the next year and forecasts of the current year should be made available to all personnel from strategic to operational levels, it should integrate the whole organization and lead management in making their decisions. However, when the company’s budgeting period starting date is approaching, such a great idea for most of the employees responsible for coordinating and creating a budget (usually controllers) turns into a nightmare.
(copied from Advanced Analytics) Advanced Analytics gives you the power to fully utilise the internal and external data of your company and with our help modernize the way you do business.
Are you ambitious enough not to search just for a job, but for a career? Would you like to work in simulative environment surrounded with young and innovative experts who are one of the best in a field of intelligent decision support systems? Your growth and career path, together with our customer's success are most important values of our company.
Member of the Board of PI, Anita Cvetić Oreščanin will participate at the CEO Conference this Saturday 6th of May, where she will share her business experiences and explain how she became part of the IT world.
We are Data & Analytics consulting company committed to deliver great solutions and products that enable our clients to unlock hidden opportunities within data, become data-driven and make better business decisions.
ConQ Content Analytics solution helps you understand the behaviour of your users and improve your services, with information about content usage in real-time.
With headquarters in Zagreb and offices in London, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo, our team is made out of 200 experienced consultants, implementing more than 250 projects for over 100 clients in twenty countries.
Launched under European Defence Industrial Development Programme in December 2021, the project “Cyber Rapid Response Toolbox for Defence Use” (CYBER4DE) takes on the challenge to develop an easily deployable, modular, and scalable cyber rapid response toolbox to manage cyber incidents in different complex national and international scenarios. The project also aims to enhance processes and practices of Cyber Rapid Response Teams (CRRTs) under the PESCO framework for a faster uptake of the new tools and for increased effectiveness in the operating domain.
The combination of the rapidly increasing volume of data and advanced analytical technologies represents the next exciting frontier for business productivity.
In today’s digital age, data has become just as important as the products themselves. But for it to become valuable, data needs to be governed. In this article, you will learn how to implement a data governance strategy, as well as how data maturity assessments can help your organization get from simple data management to real-time data governance.
The challenge of integrating and exchanging data collected by different systems has long been an issue in the business world. To gain insight into consolidated business information, the company must ensure that all systems are freely communicating and exchanging data in a reliable and timely manner, and we can assist you in doing just that.
We cover needs for Data Analysis, Architecture and Development of the migration solution, bringing our migration methodology and ETL framework to the project.
28.siječnja svake godine, na globalnoj razini obilježava se Data Privacy Day ili Data Protection Day kako bi se podigla svijest o važnosti zaštite podataka. 
Our experts help your organization use data in a way that helps your business reach each true potential.
On October 26th and 27th, in cooperation with HUB385 we will be organizing Big Data education for Beginners. Director of Innovation and Development department from Poslovna inteligencija, Marko Štajcer will hold lecture that will provide basic understanding of the Big Data and Data Science concepts, components and methodologies, and help you learn how to think as a Big Data Architect and understand which tools to use for storing data and analysis in the Big Data projects. Education will take place at Petračićeva Street 4, HUB385 In Hall B16.
Changing the world through Data! Stay ahead with the sharpest minds in data science, data lake, AI, data visualization, big data on South Eastern Europe and beyond & attend Data Science Conference 3.0
At the DSE conference participants will be able to find out how to apply DATA SCIENCE in business and create value. Conference will take place on June 28th and 29th and will host 36+ speakers, 200 participants and 3 workshops.
Whether you are Data Science enthusiast, a manager that wants to know if it is a good idea to invest in Data Science or you are a scientist, mathematician or a programmer interested in Data Science role Data Science Economy has something interesting to offer.
Obtain your data from different sources and transform them into useful information using our Data Warehouse Models, which will help you in timely decision making and improvement of your business.
Learn the data analytics skills that will enable you to take full data potential regardless of the industry you are working on. Learn all data analytics skills starting from data modelling, working with leading analytics database vendors, statistics, data visualization and machine learning.
Businesses are increasingly accountable for their impact on the world, so that is why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting has emerged as a pivotal tool for organizations to communicate their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.
On 7th of March, right before Women's Day, IKEA Croatia held a conference on gender equality in the workplace entitled 'Equality is Better for Everyone'. The focus of the conference was on equal employment opportunities, career advancement and equal pay for the same job, but also the importance of gender-balanced organizations for the business results of organizations and society as a whole. Anita Cvetić Oreščanin participated in the panel and gave her views on issues of equality in the IT sector.
European Data Forum was organized on 29th and 30th of June in Eindhoven, Netherlands.The European Data Forum is one of the key European events for industry professionals and researchers from different areas of the IT industry.
Second year in a row we are participating at the Job Fair which is organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, FER Career center and student association KSET.
On 23rd of January 2018 in Herzer palace in Varaždin Microsoft IT Pro Community titled „How to prepare your business for GDPR“, was organized by the IT Department of General Hospital Varaždin.
At some point in time, you've probably come across the term Data Science and like the majority of people, it sounded interesting, but also complicated. So many terms, statistics, but no examples of how to use it for your business. Today, we are going to show you how to use text analytics to understand your customers and business better.
We will help you improve your operations, reduce costs, and achieve greater value for your enterprise. Independence from suppliers allows us to create solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, providing them with a unique system custom-built for their business operations.
On September 6th join us for our upcoming webinar: “Data Privacy as Competitive Advantage- Integrate GDPR Compliance into a 360 view of your Customers”
As the entire insurance industry is in the turbulent times of saturated markets and new regulations, the importance of the availability of the right information at the right time, on the basis of which one can make the right decision and take appropriate actions, is increasingly highlighted. Our Insurance DWH model solution simplifies these tasks as well as entire decision making process.
Our collaboration with IT company Repsly is one of those successful stories that proved that collaboration between Croatian IT companies can be a great opportunity for strategic positioning in the international market.
We are proud to announce that we have become Platinum IBM Business Partner for Business Analytics and Data Science, achieving the highest level of partner competencies with IBM, managed by only few partners. Platinum partner status is a continuation of our long partner relationship with IBM and an indicator of excellence that we demonstrate on projects with our clients!
Driven by its exceptional success on the market, the development team of Data Privacy Manager (DPM), a personal data management software solution, carves its way out from Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting. As of today, the team continues its journey as a separate company, under the name Legit Software.
On 15th of November workshop has been held in Zagreb, under the name "Coordinating private and business life, - why is that important and why is that particularly important for women." Our Anita Cvetić Oreščanin has been one of the presenters there.
From 30th of May till 3rd of June, 39th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics – MIPRO 2016, will be organized in Opatija.
On Friday, October 6th, we opened the door to our new office in the Fabrika business complex in Zagreb. The new space has retained the industrial style and factory atmosphere of the former Heruc factory, new impressive office spreads on over 1,500m².
As we continue to work on developing and perfecting our DWH models, we present you a new 3.1 version of the PI DWH model for the banking sector available since the beginning od 2020!
Create, share and use reports, business performance analysis, trend analysis, and result measurements to obtain reliable and timely information and speed up the decision making process!
Implementation of system for business support decision - The presence on 17 markets with more than 40 companies and strong growth in the last few years, brought Orbico complexity to the process of reporting and analysis, and business decision-making. The data needed to be standardized, consolidated and enriched with the additional analytical attributes and thus provide a stable platform for quality analysis and planning. For the implementation we were looking for reliable local partner, which will be able to bring added value to the project and implement it on of IBM platform.
Our clients are industry leaders in areas of distribution, wholesale and retail, financial sector, manufacture, public sector and telecommunications.
Partners with whom we cooperate on projects for leading companies and whose technology we use when creating solutions for our customers
PI Analytics integrates your organization’s reporting, analysis and planning and it enables you to make faster, data driven business decisions.