1st Bird Data Talks – Data Governance implementation tips & tricks

bird data talks
How to implement Data Governance in your organization in easy and risk-free way

It’s challenging to find the right people to deal with Data Governance within your company as Data Governance requires an understanding of both business and technical roles within your organization. That’s why we are here to help!

BIRD Consulting is excited to announce the next series of webinars that are designed to educate and inspire our clients, partners and friends, how-to’s and best practices.

We worked hard to get these leading experts together for a discussion and we would be thrilled to see you there!



Pedro Uria-Recio

Chief Data Analytics & AI Officer in True Digital Group and member of Forbes Tech Council. 10 years of experience in combining business and AI knowledge to uncover key opportunities in digital media, marketing, advertising, and credit risk, across telecom, financial services, and retail. Managed a hands-on data transformation in a Southeast Asian digital and telecom conglomerate. Gifted in creating and coaching cross-functional teams of advertising specialists, data experts, and digital professionals. Entrepreneurial hustle in bootstrapping new markets and products. Creative, resourceful, and versatile ex-McKinsey consultant. Business Angel, Chicago Booth MBA, and certified AI professional.

Victor Murineanu
Victor is a highly disciplined security officer with a broad range of skills and experience in promoting and safeguarding corporate information security. A continuous learner with a passion for innovation in information security and risk management, he drives bottom-line business contributions, optimising security investments, and avoiding losses from security incidents to improve customer retention, enhance business decision making, and reduce corporate liability.

Drazen Orescanin
Drazen co-founded and served as the President of the Board of one of the most successful Data Governance consultancies in Europe, consulting global customers in defining and implementing their Data Governance strategy.


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