Good News after the First Year Review of the International FERARI Project

ferari (1)Professional and commercial audit held in Brussels last week (26th of March) assessed the FERARI (Flexible Event Processing for Big Data Architectures) project as “excellent” in all deliverables during the first year of operation, both from scientific and technological aspect of the project. The rating “excellent” in all aspects of the work is not common for this sort of projects within the first year. This is how the FERARI project additionally distinguished itself among other projects financed from the various EU initiatives (FAIR, FP7, Horizon 2020). Project manager on the PI side, Tomislav Križan, presented one of the three innovative key steps of the FERARI project, which were formed within the first year and will continue to be monitored through innovative processes within the EU and independently from the FERARI project. The key innovative steps within the FERARI project are:

1. Distributed data masking based on in-situ data processing – a product fully developed by PI, in compliance with the FERARI project architecture and with all relevant international legal regulations on the security and anonymization of data including additional reviews within the EU published 2014/05. It has been fully tested in real conditions within the WP1 FERARI project. Further development of the tool continues within the second year of the project in order to become Enterprise Ready and ready for commercial exploitation

2. PROTON (PROactive Technology Online) on STORM is the first distributed Complex Event Processing Tool Developed by IBM that became publicly available under the Open Source license in early February 2015

3. The scientific work associated with effective communication between the in-situ processing nodes and the coordinator (“Communication-Efficient Distributed Online Prediction by Dynamic Model Synchronization” and “Adaptive Communication Bounds for Distributed Online Learning”). These methods drastically affect the communication within distributed environments, and thus contribute to the significant performance scaling towards the existing classical algorithms.

FERARI is a research project aimed to define architectures and develop algorithms for efficient, real-time Big Data technologies of the future. It was launched in February 2014 in Haifa, Israel. Leader of the FERARI project consortium is Fraunhofer – Institut für Intelligente Analyse und Informationssysteme (IAIS), and consortium members are TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology, IBM Israel, Technology University of Crete, Croatian Telecom and Poslovna Inteligencija. PI is the holder of the dissemination work package and it participates in three more developmental work packages. This collaborative project from 7th Framework programme is financed through FP7-ICT-2013-11 STREP (small and medium scale focused research projects) programme.

Technologies used in this project will affect the faster and better decision making and improve competitiveness in the market. An innovative software solution for Big Data analysis of events in large flows of data will be developed and promoted through this project. The solution will offer online processing (online and in-situ processing) instead of a centralized packet processing that is the only effective way for fast processing of large sensor data. More detailed explanation of the solutions that will be developed through the FERARI project, please find in the PI blog.

The planned duration of the project is 36 months. We are in our 2nd year now and hope the project would continue as successfully as it started judging by the successful year 1 review. Congratulations to the entire team! Please find additional information at the official FERARI website.

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