New PI office in Zagreb

On Friday, October 6th, we opened the door to our new office in the Fabrika business complex in Zagreb. The new space has retained the industrial style and factory atmosphere of the former Heruc factory, new impressive office spreads on over 1,500m².

The process of transforming the factory halls into the new modern industrial offices has affected Zagreb as well. Former textile company Heruc got a new opportunity to enter the fourth industrial revolution with new tenants – Poslovna inteligencija. Over the last few years we have grown considerably, thanks to the many successful projects we work around the world, and success has been accompanied by an increase in the number of consultants and the need for a larger business space.Today, at Fabrika location,  two former offices of Poslovna inteligencija have been united and a new modern space is currently a workplace for almost a hundred employees of the Zagreb office. The idea behind office was to enable consultants to communicate more effectively, but also to better cooperate with clients. New facilities such as recreational room and an education center were added. The impressive industrial office can support over 140 employees, and we expect further stable growth over the next few years.

“Last year we celebrated 15 successful years on the IT scene and this year we opened another office of our company BIRD Consulting in Vienna, seventh in a row. For a successful company like us, it is important for our offices to indicate that we are a company that follows trends, and to make possible for our employees, clients and partners, to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, “said Dražen Oreščanin, President of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija. “We are extremely pleased to find a business space that has enabled us to unite our offices on one location again and put us on a map of companies that have developed their own identity and vision apart from business success. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in the workplace with positive and motivating environment.”


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