New version of DWH Insurance model is available!

We are constantly working on delivering the best possible version of our Data Warehouse model and are proud to present the 1.7 version of PI Insurance DWH model.

What is new in the PI Insurance DWH Model?

The new 1.7 version of Insurance Data Warehouse model brings more than 400 Entities grouped in 26 Subject areas, divided into 5 functional groups and additional Data Marts which are derived from the functional groups’ entities.

Version 1.7

  • Added Data Marts
  • Sales Datamart
  • Human Resources Data Mart
  • Claims
  • Profitability
  • Insurance SA changes
  • Insurance Transactions entity added to the model
  • General SA
  • Standardized version of this SA added to the model
  • Legend

Sales Data Mart

Detailed insight into sales and activity review,

enables monitoring of sales trends and relevant results,

more precise monitoring of sales KPIs

Human Resources Data Mart

Overview of activities per employee,

monitoring team tasks

review of historical salaries data and review of other key indicators,

review of education, review of employee competencies


The so-called snapshot covers this area in a defined time (e.g. the monthly view where the key attributes related to the request are displayed, such as the date and number of the request, client,  the value as liquidation amount, reservation amount, requests from the past that are related to the  same customer.)


The business area is the most often used by the finance department to monitor revenue and expenses per client, insurance policy, or net values, ​​that are the basis for calculating profitability and the basis for analysis and revision of new or existing offers.

Insurance SA changes

The insurance Transactions entity was added to the model to monitor all transactions at a more detailed level for each insurance policy. Unlike the general ledger, where transactions are recorded on a larger scale per account, in the insurance transaction table, the transactions are recorded according to the purpose and type of the transaction.

General SA

The standardized version of this Subject Area was logically separated in order to make it easier during implementation, by following common elements that are present there and are connected to other subject areas (such as tables for dates, scenarios, periods, etc.).


The Legend provides an overview by color to make it easier for users in the implementation phase (architects and ETL developers) to quickly identify which business area that entity belongs to, which in turn greatly impacts the speed of implementation.

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