SPARK Tech Meetup #5 – Big Data & Machine Learning


On Saturday, 3rd of June at 1 PM at the premises of SPARK in Mostar, 5th in a row SPARK Tech Meetup was organized. This meetup gave participants an overview of Machine Learning techniques for exploring, analysing and exploiting data and they got familiar with the tools and algorithms that you can use to create Machine Learning models, but they  also learned how to tackle Big Data problems.

Marko Štajcer, Director of Innovation & Development department held a lecture titled „What is Data Lake and how to build it“.


Traditional tools are not suitable for the analysis of the full value of Big data. Machine Learning is ideal for exploiting opportunities hidden in Big Data. How to give meaning to the amount of data you have collected and how to make decisions accordingly? Why is Big Data such an interesting topic and why are the experts in this area in high demand? Answers to these and other questions about topics Big Data & Machine Learning you were able to find out on 5th SPARK Tech Meetup.


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