Tableau 10.5 & Hyper

Hyper is Tableau’s patent-pending data engine technology that is now available in Tableau 10.5. With Hyper you can slice and dice massive volumes of data in seconds. You will be able to work with even larger data sets, have faster extract refreshes ensuring your data is fresh, and faster query response times to stay in the flow of your analysis.

Tableau released new 10.5 version that brings new functionalities and Hyper technology that helps you engage with your data at a deeper level.

Faster analytics with Hyper

Hyper is Tableau’s new in-memory data engine technology, designed for fast data ingest and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets. Included with Tableau 10.5, Hyper can slice and dice massive volumes of data in seconds, you will see up to 5X faster query speed and up to 3X faster extract creation speed. With enhanced extract and query performance, and support for even larger datasets, you can choose to extract your data based on the needs of your business.

Don’t miss other Tableau 10.5 features

Engage with your data on a new level and bring details-on-demand to your dashboards with viz in tooltip.  Nested and renamed projects  make it easier to manage and share content across your organisation. And, improved workbook compatibility allows you to collaborate with colleagues using older versions of Tableau Desktop by reverting workbooks down to 10.2. Take a look at other great features here.

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