Vertica ML & Python: A Hands on Workshop in Croatian (Wednesday, April 21, 2021)

The barriers to production-ready machine learning are beginning to fall with the Vertica Unified Analytics Warehouse. Now, the VerticaPy library for Python is making it even easier for non-data scientists to get started on the path to powerful, predictive analytics. This 3-hour workshop offers hands-on instruction in the basics of machine learning plus coding in Python using VerticaPy, all in the context of specific real-world use cases to create a useful, practical experience.

This workshop presents a deep dive into handling missing values; anomaly outlier detection; understanding correlations; and working with time series data. Participants will learn:

  • Engineering basics
  • Building and evaluating a classification model
  • Building and evaluating a regression model
  • Cross validation
  • How to master a use case together


Install Vertica:

Install VerticaPy:

Knowledge: Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Language: Croatian


Vertica Machine Learning and Python: A Hands-on Workshop

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2021   Time: 09:00-12.00 (CET)

Speaker Bio:

Filip Pandža, MSc in Data Science, Data Management Consultant at Poslovnoj Inteligencija

Filip started his career as a consultant on a Data Warehouse project in which original central repository was Netezza database, and Filip’s team performed the migration of the database to Vertica.

Currently he works on an IPTV Analytics project where he uses Python and SQL to create data pipelines that prepare TV content viewership data and store them in Vertica, where they are later used for analytics. Machine Learning is used on the project to check the validity of incoming data. Filip holds a TensorFlow Developer certificate and in his spare time he enjoys exploring Deep Learning projects.

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