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(copied from Advanced Analytics) Advanced Analytics gives you the power to fully utilise the internal and external data of your company and with our help modernize the way you do business.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Advanced Analytics means the autonomous review of data or content using sophisticated technology and tools, usually outside those used with traditional business intelligence (BI) processes, to gain deeper insight, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Some of the technologies included in Advanced Analytics portfolio are data mining, machine learning, sampling, prediction, visualization, sentiment analysis, text analytics, neural networks, and big data analytics. Advanced Analytic technologies are used in almost every industry branch, and although complex analysis requires experienced statisticians, new visualization tools and technologies make them accessible to the average business user.

With increased computing power, improved data infrastructure, and the development of new algorithms and methods for viewing large amounts of data, companies are increasingly turning to Advanced Analytics for decision making. There is also a need for a new future profession, Data Scientist, who will combine the know-how and skills of analysts, statisticians, programmers and hackers, and understand how data is created and linked, what its business or functional applications are, and how to use it.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that companies will have to rely on experts to assist them in taking their business into the 21st century. Our consultants will help you find the best possible solution through the use of software tools that best suit your requirements in light of your existing infrastructure and budget limitations.

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