Simple preparation and delivery of financial statements in XBRL format.

1) WHY XBRLpoint?

  • The Capital Market Act stipulates that all the companies listed on the stock exchange are obliged to prepare annual financial statements in xHTML format
  • Issuers of financial statements are required to mark the elements of the annual financial statements with XBRL tags (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Marking with XBRL tags is to link individual elements of the financial statements with a specific item of the ESEF taxonomy
  • The obligation to mark financial statements begins in 2022 and it implies the following:
    • Basic financial statements (Balance Sheet, RDG, Statement of comprehensive income, Statement of cash flows and Statement of changes in equity) marked with XBRL codes from 2022
    • Financial notes within annual financial statements marked with XBRL marks, from 2023


Our intuitive user interface enables:

  • loading new taxonomies
  • loading financial statements
  • financial statements’ elements marking with ESEF taxonomy:
    • automatic tagging
    • manual (drag & drop) tagging
    • search for individual elements of the ESEF taxonomy
    • search for taxonomy by individual taxonomy groups
  • an overview of additional information (attributes) for each taxonomy item
  • creation of additional extensions
  • verification and validation of reports
  • generating reports in xHTML (Inline XBRL) and XBRL format
  • track changes made by users


  • loading new taxonomies
  • new XBRL project creation
  • loading financial statements
  • tagging elements of financial statements with ESEF taxonomy items
  • creating additional extensions
  • verification and validation of reports
  • generating reports in xHTML (Inline XBRL) and XBRL format
  • XBRL projects closure


  • Plug and play solution
  • enables XHTML (Inline XBRL) document generation based on loaded financial statements
  • knowledge of complex XBRL syntax is not required
  • tree-view taxonomy view + taxonomy search for easier searching
  • simple drag & drop or automatic tagging
  • allows additional extensions creation
  • allows the so-called block tagging notes in the financial statements
  • the solution contains a series of validations to verify accuracy and consistency of XBRL reports
  • implementation and use support
    • knowledge of environment and system; knowing financial statement structures

Marking elements of financial statements with taxonomy items

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