PI Analytics

PI Analytics integrates your organization’s reporting, analysis and planning and it enables you to make faster, data driven business decisions.

Business benefits

Expedite your decision making process

Move away from ineffective planning and non-integrated reporting to reliable and fast reporting, analysis, and planning tailor-made for your business.

Agile approach

Get your decision making in line with current trends in your business. Make your business plans data-driven.

Collaborate on all organisational levels

Consolidate your data and adjust your planning on all organisational levels to get a clear view and choose the most favourable business decisions


Originally developed for financial industry, PI Analytics solution is fully scalable and can be extended to cater Sales, HR, Investments, or needs of any other department. PI Analytics solution can be integrated with other systems as a source for metadata and actual data.

Solutions details

The basis for this module is the General ledger. PI Analytics solution includes all relevant financial dimension such as GL accounts, Cost/Profit centers, Partners, as well as other relevant business requirements (i.e., Projects, brands, organization units, etc.)

Components of the solution

Data warehouse

The data model includes general ledger, financial dimensions, mappings, and financial reports. This component includes ETL from different source systems and transformation logic, from raw data to financial reports based on the mappings. A data warehouse can be build using different databases and ETL tools.


PI RefQ is a tool for reference data management stored in different ways across different databases, applications, and systems of the Organization. The use of the tool is enabled through an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface that can be configured to fit the needs of different users.This user interface provides users with the creation of reporting structures and their financial positions, as well as creating relationships between data or associating data to the created financial positions.

Reporting and analysis

Data analysis and reporting enable users to have fully automated financial reports. For example, statutory financial reports, management reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, Detailed cost reports, etc.). Additionally, ad-hoc analysis can be performed by the users as well as predefined dashboards and KPIs. Since the solution contains both planning and reporting components, a comparison between plan and actual is available. Cognos Analytics software is available in the solution for data analysis and reporting. Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization. Visualize, analyze, and share actionable insights about your data with anyone in your Organization.

Cognos Analytics functionalities:

Planning and simulation

The planning component enables users to perform the whole planning process from preparing planning forms, gathering data from end-users, and performing calculations on top of collected data. The solution includes planning process workflow with different roles in the planning process (contribute, review/reject/approve), which provides full planning process control. Different versions and what-if scenarios can be created within the solution. In addition, besides annual plans (budgets), solutions include an option to perform forecasts until the end of the year or rolling forecasts. The planning component is enabled with IBM Planning Analytics. IBM Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1®, is an integrated planning solution designed to promote collaboration across the Organization and help keep pace with the speed of modern business. With a powerful calculation engine, this enterprise performance management solution helps you move beyond the limits of spreadsheets, automating the planning process to drive faster, more accurate results. Simplify massive amounts of data by unifying data sources into one single repository and empowering users to build sophisticated, multidimensional models that drive more reliable forecasts.

Key features of the solution include:

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