[WEBINAR] Financial planning beyond spreadsheets with IBM & Poslovna inteligencija

We invite you to join us for our webinar Financial planning beyond spreadsheets with IBM & Poslovna inteligencija, that will take place on March 30 (Wednesday) at 10 am EET.

We will showcase our intuitive and easy-to-use Planning solution that makes your usual financial planning pain points go away. Our intention is to use real case scenarios to demonstrate the difference that integrated and cross-referenced data brings to the process.

IBM & Poslovna inteligencija offer you an insight into an improved planning process that saves your time. Automatization mitigates errors, enables more control and transparency, and, ultimately, allows you more flexibility and efficiency while planning and exploring “what-if” scenarios. 

This webinar is aimed both at those making decisions and overseeing the planning process as well as those doing the planning themselves.



Natalija Drašković, Consultancy director at Poslovna Inteligencija

In her decade-long career, Natalija has always been focused on data and analytics, professionally evolving in line with all the new trends in technology. As an IT consultant, she has a proven record of expertise in planning and budgeting processes across various industries and entities including pharma, distribution, different production and non-governmental sectors, to highlight just a few. Her hands-on work with clients and exposure to different processes provides her with an in-depth knowledge of planning pain points and how to solve them efficiently.

For the past 7 years, Natalija has been focused on IBM planning solutions and tools.


Date & time : 30/03/2022, 10am EET, 9am CET


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