Make your transition from one Data Warehouse platform to another effortlessly

Data migration

Automate your data migration from one Data Warehouse platform to another quickly and safely

DDL conversion

Automate your data migration from one Data Warehouse platform to another quickly and safely

ETL process translation

Automate migration of ETL processes for Informatica Power Center platform when changing underlying DBMS

SynQ - Maximize automation and reduce manual activity to minimum

SynQ simplifies and automates data and ETL migration processes when you replace your Data Warehouse DBMS. You can use existing DDL files to:

1) Automatically create DDL for table structures in the new DBMS

2) Create Informatica Workflows for data migration from the legacy DBMS (source) to the new DBMS (target)

  • Informatica workflow contains several sessions (mappings), one for each table
  • Informatica mapping contains source table from input DDL, as well as created targets, with the same structures as sources and with all changes to the specifics of a target database (different datatypes or any other specifics)
  • All the links between source and target fields are automatically created
  • Users have an option to customize created workflows with parameters such as source/target connection name or repository/domain name
  • Users can also define the level of parallelism: how many sessions will run concurrently when loading data to the target database

Other than using SynQ for data migration, the tool also automates migration of ETL processes for Informatica Power Center platform when changing underlying DBMS of any source or target system in your data architecture. You can upload Informatica XML file which contains existing ETL logic and use interactive wizard to change:

  • Source DBMS type
  • Target DBMS type
  • Informatica source / target / shared folders
  • Other parameters on session and workflow level

After configuring service parameters SynQ provides XML output with all the changes relevant to the ETL process and the new DBMS, which can be imported into the Informatica repository.


  • Table structure migration
  • Conversion of unsupported data types with memory-related optimization
  • Data sync
  • ETL process migration

SynQ supports data and ETL process migrations using Informatica Power Center for the following DBMS platforms:

  • Oracle
  • Netezza
  • Teradata
  • Vertica
  • Greenplum

E2E Migration process

Data migration is a complex, multiphase process that includes assessment, re-creating database objects, schema conversion, refactoring of ETL process, testing and performance tuning. It can be divided into the following phases:

  • Legacy DB features analysis
  • Source structure analysis
  • Source and target data analysis
  • Future DB key parameters and performance analysis
  • Differences between legacy and future DB (architectural, functional)
  • Scope defining
  • Future DB limitation analysis
  • DB sizing definition
  • License ordering
  • Physical server configuration and preparation
  • Database installation
  • Connectivity configuration
  • Administrator Console installation
  • Development workstations preparation
  • ETL tool environment setup
  • Creating database and schemas
  • Migrating tables DDL
  • Data synchronization with migration tool
  • Migrating existing ETL jobs and queries to new system
  • ETL changes assessment
  • Refactoring ETL queries
  • BI tool reconnecting and migration
  • Daily data loading establishment
  • Functional testing
  • Data testing
  • Performance tuning
  • User testing
  • Data analysis
  • Data validation
  • UAT support
  • Setting up DB roles, users and permissions
  • Defining how long will legacy DB stay alive
  • Deployment to production
  • Final testing
  • Final fine tuning
  • Legacy system shutdown
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